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Comfort and Care When You're Not There

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You LOVE your pet(s) and they are very important to you! 

It's not JUST a saying that "your pet is a family member", IT'S THE TRUTH!

  • Do you feel guilty to leave them at home all day?

  • Run out of time to exercise them?

  • Are they in their puppy or senior years when they need an extra potty break?

  • Are you worried about their care when you need to travel? 

  • Are you experiencing any behavioral issues that could use some attention?

  • Do you simply want to enrich their lives?

We're here to guide you through the best solution to fit your needs. You'll be on your way to happier, healthier and more enriched lives together. We'll customize your purrfect package!

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Did You Know?

Enrichment can significantly improve the lives of animals. Anxiety, aggression, destruction, eliminate problems and more can occur due to lack of mental or physical simulation. As professional pet care providers, our services are often employed to help deal with or prevent such issues by providing enrichment through social visits and exercise.


We’re also the people who see first hand how bored some seemingly well-behaved pets really are. So many cats and dogs simply survive rather than thrive. We have the unique opportunity to make a real impact on the quality of life for pets. 

Why Choose Us
  • We specialize in in-home care and services

  • We are experienced and certified force-free dog trainers

  • We are experienced and certified groomers

  • House-sitting duties are included in every pet sit package

  • We specialize in customizing visits to fit you and your pets needs

  • We are licensed, fully insured and bonded

  • Specialize in challenging, special needs, & seniors pets

  • Highly skilled, trained and knowledgeable

  • GPS system for accountability

  • Wellness checks