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Grooming & Additional Services

We understand that a lot goes into taking care of your pet, and while you may not be going out of town, sometimes you need an extra hand with the day-to-day responsibilities. Call us for any of the following pet services

Pet Supplies

$25 (plus the receipt amount)

We'll go to your preferred pet store and shop for your pet. We can help with what you need:

  • toys

  • food

  • supplies

  • tools

  • and more

Pet Taxi

$20 one-way

Does your pet need to go to the Vet but don’t want to leave him there ALL day? Does your pet want a play date or go to day camp? Don't want to leave your pet at the groomers all day? We pick up and drop off for you. It’s very important to transport your pet safely, using the proper pet seat belts. They won’t slide or fly all over the place. We ensure they will have a safe ride with us.

Pet to People Match


We help people find the perfect rescued pet. We help pets find the perfect people. We see it every day where the wrong pet is in the wrong home and ends up with another round back in the shelter. We want to give back the community by preventing that.


It’s important for your pet to have a clean toilet area. A clean toilet means a lower risk of stepping in it, then bringing it into your home. It’s also better for the yard and the grass to be DOO-T FREE. We care about pets, your property and home.

                          SMALL YARD:       $20
                          MEDIUM YARD:    $30
                          LARGE YARD        $40

Key Lock Out


Lock yourself out? Caring Fur Pets to the rescue... we usually have a key to our in-home service clients home. If you're one of them, we'll be right over.

Webinars/ Seminars/ e-how videos


all services done by a licensed and certified professional grooming

                  All Packages include: (prices START AT)

Professional bath & shampoo. Professional blueberry facial, drying, brushing, ear cleaning, nail cut and grinding, special cologne & bandanna. 

                                                               bath/brush                            with trim                         complete groom

                                                               (short hair)
                       SMALL PET SIZE:             $25                                       $35                                            $45                    
                       MEDIUM PET SIZE:         $35                                       $45                                            $55
                       LARGE PET SIZE:            $45                                       $55                                            $65

          Grooming, Clipping, and Trimming

Prices vary based from sizes, breeds and coat types. Call to inquire prices from our professional groomer. 

FURminator DeShedding OR Dematting Service:

starting at an extra $10

nail cut/grind only $10

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

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